Welcome to Dizzy Studios

Based in the South Holland area of the Fens I work from my home studio, where I create wheel thrown or hand built ceramics, using stoneware and porcelain. My work is inspired by the natural world and is increasingly influenced by my memories of changing landscapes through the opportunities I have had to travel, especially across Scandinavia, Canada, Scotland and the French and Swiss Alps.

I use a variety of surface decoration techniques depending on the clay. The stoneware pieces are inspired by the English countryside and cottage gardens- this is functional work, often heavily decorated with a strong use of colour.

The porcelain pieces are a complete contrast to this work. With this material I am interested in simple organic forms, a limited pallet and the balance between glazed and raw surfaces. Recently, I have been creating mountain landscapes, hand painted using a traditional Japanese Sumi-e brush to build layers of an image – what remains can then be gradually etched away. This is a high risk process with many opportunities for artistic creativity and structural failure! This process is very exciting to me, as I have no idea if the image will work visually until the pot is fired. Therefore, I have to work instinctively, judging where glaze or lustre could be placed later. These pieces are at risk of cracking during the firing where the contour lines of mountains encircle the pots – making each one that survives even more precious and unique. Nevertheless, this is a process where I will continue to experiment so that the vessels I create can also become my canvas. These pots need to be seen up close to appreciate the subtleties in the landscapes I am creating in the different layers, and the sparse use of clear glaze to create reflections on water or the glistening of sunlight on snow peaked mountains.

Jen Callow